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Excel is one example of a common spreadsheet format that the wolfram language supports. Export dest, expr, format exports data in the specified format. Export dest, exprs, elements exports data by treating exprs as elements. Importing data from a matlab file to mathematica closed ask question asked 3 years. The functions in this package provide an automated way of generating matlab mfiles from mathematica expressions. The same result is produced by setting a graphic to a symbol, and then exporting the symbol. Selecting subsets from a data set in mathematica duration.

In this video, you learn to convert mathematica expression to matlab. Regardless of the method that you use to export graphics, you can use them in other wolfram system notebooks or any other program that supports the file format. Export dest, exprs, elements, options uses the specified options. Stores numerical matrices, boolean values, or strings.

Native data format of the matlab numerical computation software. Mathematica expression to matlab mfile converter from. I think you can save the matlab data or matrices into a csv file and then use. Or is there any way to run a matlab program first and then run a mathematica program automatically thanks for any helpful answers.

If you are trying to export data from mathematica to matlab you should have a look to this toolbox. Mathematica for biologists chapter 1, part 1 of 4 data import, export, plotting, plot export. Exporting data to csv file matlab answers matlab central. Wolfram community forum discussion about convert mathematica code to matlab. What is the most efficient exportimport format for. How to get matlab data imported with the same dimensions. Stay on top of important topics and build connections by joining wolfram community groups relevant to your interests. Like in mathematica, if i have yx 2x, if i dont put anything for x, it just outputs 2x. Is there a way to import the results or data such as matrices from matlab to mathematica automatically. Since this format is native to mathematica and intended for data, i had expected it to be the most performant option, with fast export and import times and maintaining exaction resolution of numerics. The matrices are the output after i run the matlab file. Now i want to export the data base i have in mathematica back to matlab. You may want to export data from the wolfram language to a spreadsheet.

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